Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mindless Eating

The 200 Daily Food Decisions We Overlook Environment and Behavior
Wansink B. Sobal
Published 2007
Vol 39 (1) 106
Journal of Mindless Eating.

In my ever changing efforts to control weight. This article came to my attention from my local Weight Watcher's Center.  (In case you are wondering, I am close to loosing 40 pounds. Thank you Weight Watchers !)

The research shows that bartenders with 6 or more years of tending bar. They 'over-poured' alcohol a "shot" (1.5 oz, or 44.3 cc) more than 20% of the time.  This is even after 60 minutes of practicing the technique of a consistent pour.  

So the next time you order a 'bartender' drink, just remember that your estimates of the calories you are 'drinking' may be UNDER estimated.

 Photo from Google Images

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