Friday, December 6, 2013

CDC Report on Very High Lead Levels

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia issued a report on Very High Lead Level still found in the Occupational exposure to LEAD (Pb).  This is a heavy metal that is absorbed through a variety of routes, inhalation, ingestion, skin absorption and even oral exposure.  This most recent study measured blood lead levels in a variety of industries, like manufacturing, construction, mining, and even non-occupational exposure, such as sport target shooting. (A sport I have participated in !) Another interesting fact is that Home Remodeling, Renovations, Painting, and using "Alternative Medicines" containing Pb were the most common non-occupational exposure to Pb. (ie, Ayurvedic medicines)

For the link to this report please see the following link:

Ex- Industrial Indemnity Loss Control Reunion

On a much more lighter subject. This past week was the Reunion of some Northern California Industrial Indemnity Loss Control Managers and Representatives.  The most "senior"  was Len Kruwell, Loss Control Manager in San Francisco,  Dave Wilcox, Loss Control Manager in Stockton.  The others attending were John McCullough Loss Control Walnut Creek, Chorliss Heildback (Schaffer) Loss Control Stockton and the yours truly.  

Industrial Indemnity's Loss Control Department

There were funny stories shared, and good times remembered.