Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Obesity and Fitness Bands

For those of you who know me. I have been struggling with "Great American Disease" that afflicts OVER 35% of the US Population. This crosses all State Lines, and even is found in Alaska, and Hawaii. 

Check out this link from the Center of Disease Control. (Yes obesity is a disease !)

What to do about this disease ?

I have NOT found a cure-all for obesity! But I have found that increasing my daily activity has help me drop a few pounds, and decrease my ever expanding waist line.  My current method of monitoring my activity level is to use my Garmin Forerunner 407.  This is a GPS/Watch combination.  I will write about the pros and cons of this unit in the future. 

I am always looking something better !

My current search is to look for a better method of monitoring the calaries (or kilocalories) that I am burning.  My search has led me to this website with the title of ...

The Great Fitness Band Shootout.

Here is the link:


After watching this video, which one are you going to buy, try, or don't buy ?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Twelve Gauge

When "I" think of of the words, "twelve gauge'. My first thoughts are "shot gun" should follow.  Not this time. Yes, I am a 'card carrying member' of the National Rifle Association.  (You read into 'my decision' to be an NRA member, in your own mind.)

But today I am going to show you the "twelve gauge" I spent most of my day with.

I am talking about 12 Gauge wire.  I am re-wiring my kitchen. I am now behind the refrigerator.  That was 6-12 gauge wires into one conduit.  Don't tell anyone.  YES ! I do have a building permit from the "city" and I even have an electrical permit.

Enough said.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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My 'New' LP 180 Quad Sync Manual Flash


This is my recent Professional Manual Flash purchase in a "very" long time.  To give you some idea how long it has been.  I plan for this unit to replace my aging  fleet of Vivitar 285 and 283 units.  The LP 180 is powered by the same AA batteries.  This unit also has a "High Voltage" behind a door.  

I am a BIG fan of the "strobist" know has David Hobby.  His Off-Camera Flash Blog has a very high number of followers. http://www.strobist.blogspot.com  His advise, tips, and trick have been useful to me over the last several years.

If you want more information on my evaluation you will have to wait. This is an impressive piece of professional photography equipment. Check out the link at the top.