Monday, September 23, 2013

McKinley Elementary School Burlingame, California 100 year Celebration

I was part of the McKinley Elementary School Centennial Celebration.  

This Elementary School is part of the Burlingame School District in San Mateo County.  The students from this elementary school district will attend Burlingame High School, or one of three high schools in San Mateo, California.

I was performing with the  Westbay Community Band.  This is a  'all' volunteer Community Band that is made up of members who enjoy playing symphonic music.  There are currently approximately 66 members of this group.  The sound of a 66 member band is "tremendous" !  

What instrument do I play ? (jokingly I respond by saying that I they let me play the "radio"....)
I really am the timpani, and bass drum player.
 Westbay Community Band Concert
McKinley Elementary School 9/22/13

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