Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Obesity and Fitness Bands

For those of you who know me. I have been struggling with "Great American Disease" that afflicts OVER 35% of the US Population. This crosses all State Lines, and even is found in Alaska, and Hawaii. 

Check out this link from the Center of Disease Control. (Yes obesity is a disease !)

What to do about this disease ?

I have NOT found a cure-all for obesity! But I have found that increasing my daily activity has help me drop a few pounds, and decrease my ever expanding waist line.  My current method of monitoring my activity level is to use my Garmin Forerunner 407.  This is a GPS/Watch combination.  I will write about the pros and cons of this unit in the future. 

I am always looking something better !

My current search is to look for a better method of monitoring the calaries (or kilocalories) that I am burning.  My search has led me to this website with the title of ...

The Great Fitness Band Shootout.

Here is the link:


After watching this video, which one are you going to buy, try, or don't buy ?

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